Renovation of Big Buddha

Sitting atop Mount Muk Yue, the statue of Tian Tan Giant Buddha (the Big Buddha) has been a symbolic presence of Hong Kong since 1989 and has walked together with the people of Hong Kong for thirty years. The time has come for major repairs and maintenance.

The Big Buddha is cast in bronze and has been continuously exposed to the natural environment since its installation. Naturally the surface layer will corrode (with patina) which not only affects the appearance of the statue, in severe cases, the corrosion may cause material damage. Moreover, the effectiveness of the original protective coating has been diminished by the harsh environmental conditions, i.e. Hong Kong’s tropical climate (with abundant rainfall and strong sunlight) and the Big Buddha’s proximity to the ocean. Furthermore, the atmospheric chloride causes the concentrations of sodium and chloride of the electrolyte solution on the bronze surface to rise, furthering the corrosion process.

Additionally, rainfall in Hong Kong often contains acidic substances and the bronze layer would corrode when it is exposed to electrolyte solution with high concentration of chloride ions and low pH level. It is evident that in the past thirty years the acidic rain and chloride in the atmosphere has been eroding the bronze and protective coatings of the Big Buddha.

The main goal of the renovation project is to remove the oxidation layer and pollutants on the statue, repaint the protective coating, and restore the solemn and compassionate appearance of the Big Buddha. After more than a year of research with field tests, it has been decided that the repair will begin with alumina blasting to remove the oxidation layer and pollutants, a method that will not harm the original texture of the Big Buddha.

This project is a large scale repair and maintenance with significant financial cost which will primarily be funded by the Tian Tan Giant Buddha Renovation Fund.

The renovation has commenced on 2 June, 2020. Over two years of maintenance period, the reopening is scheduled on 10 December 2022. Visitors are welcome to pay respect to the Giant Buddha.

Tian Tan Giant Buddha Thus Come Thus Gone Exhibition

In conjunction with the renovation project, the "Tian Tan Giant Buddha Thus Come Thus Gone Exhibition” has been put together to introduce the origin, construction process, deterioration, repair technique, etc. of the Tian Tan Giant Buddha, and explain the meaning of Buddha from various angles to visitors.

Details of Exhibition
Locations : Hall of Bodhisattva Kṣitigarbha & Hall of Bodhisattva Amitabha(in front of the Po Lin Monastery Buddha Hall)
Opening Hours : 10:00am - 5:00pm, seven days a week